He is appointed by the owner / charterer.

Are ships required to have an agent? YES. They need the services of the agent, they have vital knowledge of the field and its environment. Ship's agents have the contacts and partners enabling them to cover a large majority of his client's requests.

NO. The shipping agency operates 24/7. Outside of agency opening hours, an agent is available by phone, a dedicated phone line, or by email.

NO. He also provides a service to the crew, including taking care of crew changes, hotel reservations and transport, he can also apply for visas.

NO. He also works with the captain, the port service (the pilot station, the port authorities, handling ...), the receivers, the customs service, the suppliers ...

The shipping agent needs:

  • The ship's particulars (characteristics of the ship)
  • Insurance certificates
  • Du formulaire ISPS
  • The waste certificate (MARPOL)
  • The crew / passenger list => the passenger list is mandatory if a commercial vessel has passenger (s) on board. - the list of on-board bonded stores.

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The shipping agent is remunerated through agency fees, billed to the ship's disbursement account which is sent to the customer as soon as possible after the ship's departure.

We are able to assist all types of ships: bulk carrier, cable, bunker barge, tug, tanker etc.

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