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ASA Customs Services Locations


ASA on the Port of Calais 

Very close to the English Coasts, the Port of Calais is a major strategic point between Continental Europe and Great Britain. The Port of Calais has been recognized as the First French Port for cross-channel traffic, and  also Europe’s first continental port for passenger transport.

Our customs clerks team is physically based on the O3 car park on the Port of Calais, near the French Customs and IBF (Inland Border Facility) services.

The teams welcome you 24/7 all year round, to answer any queries you may have and assist you during your visit on site.

Our clerks ensure that all necessary steps are being followed and that the procedures are carried out correctly. They provide an optimum follow-up during all the process of control and inspection formalities. Once the inspection is finished and is met with a favorable control, ASA also deals with the Customs Office to notify all the necessary customs documents.

Good to know:
The transport of live animals between a non member country of the EU and a member country is subject to control upon arrival on European territory. This is why, upon arrival in France (Port of Calais), a visit through the animal station is mandatory to carry out the necessary border crossing controls. The Port of Calais has indeed an animal station that can accommodate horses, dogs, cats, chicks, and ferrets. This structure welcomes animals in transit for veterinary inspection in the best conditions during controls. The entire ASA team is trained and capable to assist you with your veterinary and health formalities. Our health expert replies to all your requests as quickly as possible: contact us !

ASA at the Channel Tunnel 

The opening of the Channel Tunnel in 1994 has revolutionized goods trade between France and UK, providing a fast and efficient land link between the two countries. In this context, the opening of our ASA office with its customs clerks’ services at the Channel Tunnel provides all the required expertise for your crossing.

ASA clerks are available 24/7 on the Tunnel site to accompany you as soon as you arrive in France. As in the Port of Calais, ASA customs clerks monitor customs, sanitary and veterinary operations.

As a customs clerk company, we facilitate the trading of goods across the Franco-British border. Being located on the site of the Channel Tunnel allows us to optimize these processes, reducing delays and ensuring effective coordination between all stakeholders in the transport chain.

At ASA, our teams are constantly faced with cross-border standards, which allows us to become a major player, trained in customs laws and procedures. We guarantee full compliance, transparency in the entire process and expert follow-up up to your departure.

Good to know : 
The Channel Tunnel covers an area of 650-hectare over Coquelles and its surroundings. Our position as Registered Customs Agent - RDE allows up to be close to the French Customs office and SIVEP (IBF) to quickly intervene and offer you optimal services.
This is why our office is directly located on the  CDS-Centre Douane SIVEP  car park.

ASA at the Port of Dunkirk

The Port of Dunkirk covers over 17,000 hectares and has a wide variety of infrastructures to meet the needs of ships and goods. It has modern docks and is adapted to different categories of vessels, including container ships, bulk carriers, ro-ro, and cruise ships. The port is also equipped with specialized terminals for liquid-, solid bulk, petroleum products, cereals, ores, containers, and passengers.

It is one of Europe’s most important ports in terms of goods traffic. It can accommodate large vessels and has facilities to manage intense maritime traffic. It is connected to an extensive transport network, including rail, road, and fluvial connections. Since April 2023, ASA has opened an office at the Port of Dunkirk to provide you with a complete range of services on the entire Nord-Pas-de-Calais coastline

This international trade hub allows our team of customs experts to benefit from a strategic point to meet customs needs. Our customs clerks will help you with your health and veterinary checks, as well for your customs stop and to collect your export documents and finally for the clearance of your transits.

Good to know:
ASA customs clerk Service is available at the MooCoo Truck Parking Lot in Loon-Plage. This strategic position allows us to intervene quickly since the SIVEP (IBF) and Customs services are located nearby the office.

ASA on the Calais TruckStop parking lot

Our customs declarations  service is located at the Calais TruckStop - CTS Truck Parking Lot.

Secure truck parking offering many advantages for truck drivers (comfort, internet access and other facilities), it is accessible from junction 48 on the A16 motorway allowing a fast reach to the Port of Calais and the Channel Tunnel.

Our team of declarants is registered and approved as RDE, registered customs representative. They carry out customs formalities on behalf of, and, on behalf of the principals (freight forwarder, importer, exporter), based on mandates entrusted to it.

Since the start of Brexit, our experts have been keeping a close eye on all your requests.

Good to know :
While the driver is waitingfor the completion of his customs formalities, the truck park offers many facilities, including a washing station for tanks but also for refrigerated trailers. The washing station is open without appointment.  
The truck park has 430 parking spaces.

Where to find and contact us?

A team of professionals present on the Côte d'Opale coast is at your disposal at the Port of Calais (O3 car park), at the Tunnel as well as at the Calais Truck Stop car park.