On a 24/7 basis and through its presence at Calais port, ASA offers to support players in the transport of goods subject to Sanitary, Veterinary and Phytosanitary controls.

Our services are also addressed to all RDE - Customs declarants not present on the Cross Channel platforms. ASA has the status of "interested party in the load" assigned by the mandate and is therefore able to establish DSCE (CHED) from a Health Certificate (EHC). This formality is necessary to allow pre-notification prior to documentary, identity or physical checks. During all these stages, the designated ASA clerk ensures that the control and inspection formalities are completed under the appropriate conditions and in the best possible flow. At the end of the inspection, in the event of a favorable control, ASA also ensures passage to the Customs Office to notify the T1 passage or any other customs documents. Health taxes are also paid on behalf of the principal when necessary and requested by our Principal.

ASA also has access and assistance for Eurotunnel's SIVEP (Coquelles) and relies on the sister company BIMS in Boulogne-sur-Mer (fish / fisheries).

The ordering of clerk services takes place primarily on the N.ASA platform. All the steps are therefore accessible to you

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