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Sanitary inspections - veterinary inspections.

Much more than customs clerks

The profession of customs clerk  with veterinary expertise on the Nord-Pas-de-Calais coast is a key position to ensure the food safety and health of goods imported or exported in the region. Customs clerks are responsible for inspecting customs documents and goods passing through the region's ports. They ensure that the goods comply with the current regulations on animal health and consumer protection.

" ASA offers expertise and mastery of health and veterinary formalities from the beginning to the end of your procedures "

What do we actually do as customs clerks?

Our customs clerks specializing in veterinary expertise have in-depth knowledge of legislation regarding animal health, food safety, and customs documents. They inspect live animals, meat products, dairy products, fishery products, and plant products to ensure that they pose no risk to human or animal health.

We provide continuous monitoring of arrivals in French territory for all customs formalities. Our teams of customs couriers are in constant contact with the veterinary and health service of SIVEP (Veterinary and Phytosanitary Inspection Service), port agents of SEPD (Société d’Exploitation des Ports du Détroit), as well as customs authorities, which allows for swift completion of tasks. In addition, our teams of customs clerks in Calais and Dunkirk provide a direct link between truck drivers coming from England and their customs declarants who cannot be present at the terminals.

Throughout these steps, the designated ASA clerk ensures that control and inspection formalities are carried out under suitable conditions and with the best possible efficiency.

At the end of the inspection, in the case of a favorable control, ASA also ensures that the T1 passage, ATA Carnet, or any other customs documents are processed in France.

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Where can you find us?

Our customs clerks are located at the Port of Calais, at the Tunnel site, as well as at the Port of Dunkirk – Loon Plage. Available 24/7 physically. Our services are available to all RDE – customs declarants who are not present at the Transmanche platforms. Our location provides us with strategic access to the heart of the Ferry Terminal, the Channel Tunnel, and the Port of Dunkirk, facilitating exchanges, ensuring international circulation of goods, and contributing to a secure transport chain.

In France, the Nord-Pas-de-Calais coast is an important region for the trade of agri-food products, with ports such as Calais, Dunkirk, and Boulogne-sur-Mer welcoming numerous ships, trucks, and trains every day, enabling multimodal development of the region. Customs couriers with veterinary expertise are therefore essential to maintain the standards of quality and safety of imported and exported products.


Why choose ASA expertise?

1. Expertise & reliability

Since the beginning of Brexit, we have been providing health and veterinary assistance upon your arrival in France or to cross the border to England. We have developed close relationships with our transport partners in the territory. Similarly, each request is studied by our veterinary and health experts, who make it a point of honor to maintain very good customer contact.

ASA has the "interested party in loading" status provided by the mandate and is therefore able to establish CHED based on a Health Certificate (EHC). This formality is necessary to allow pre-notification prior to documentary, identity, or physical controls. Our team of customs clerks consists of health and veterinary experts who are capable of handling all types of goods, live animals, food products, plants, etc., and therefore provide CHED A, CHED D, CHED P, and CHED PP.

The expertise of our customs clerk teams is therefore inseparable at our 3 dedicated sites, which are the Port of Calais, the Channel Tunnel, and the Port of Dunkirk. ASA has access and assistance for SIVEP at Eurotunnel (Coquelles) and relies on sister company BIMS in Boulogne-sur-Mer (fish / fishery).

Sanitary taxes are also paid on behalf of the principal when necessary and requested by our Principal.

In summary, the profession of customs clerk with veterinary expertise on the Nord-Pas-de-Calais coast is demanding but crucial work to ensure public and animal health, consumer protection, and overall compliance in transportation.


2. Secure digital platform

The ordering of customs services primarily takes place on the N.ASA platform. All stages are accessible to you.

You have secure access to track your missions and the ability to contact both customs declarants for any questions related to customs administration and customs formalities, as well as our customs clerk teams for your health and veterinary formalities upon your arrival in France.

Don't wait any longer, it's a direct communication through the "Chat" section.

This platform connects all our services and allows you to track all stages of your transport, from customs declarations to health expertise.

Our customs agent teams are at your disposal for more information. Feel free to contact us via the "Contact" tab.

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Where to find and contact us?

A team of professionals present on the Côte d'Opale coast is at your disposal at the Port of Calais (O3 car park), at the Tunnel as well as at the Calais Truck Stop car park.