Our customs clerks are located on the Port of Calais site as well as on the Tunnel site. Available 24/7 physically, they ensure a permanent follow-up of arrivals on French territory for all customs formalities. Our teams are in constant contact with the sanitary and veterinary service of the SIVEP (Veterinary and Phytosanitary Inspection Service), port agents of the SEPD (Société d'Exploitation des Ports du Détroit) as well as the customs authorities, which allows completion of quick missions. In addition, our teams of clerks operate a direct link between road drivers from England and their customs declarants who cannot be present at the terminals.

Our services are aimed at all RDE – Customs declarants not present on the Cross-Channel platforms. Our location thus allows us strategic access to the heart of the Ferry Terminal and the Channel Tunnel, which therefore facilitates trade. ASA has the quality of 'interested in the load' conferred by the mandate and is therefore able to establish DSCE (CHED) from a Health Certificate (EHC). This formality is necessary to allow the pre-notification preceding the documentary, identity or physical checks. Our team of clerks is made up of health and veterinary experts and is able to manage all types of goods, live animals, food products, plants etc.… and therefore provides CHED A, CHED D, CHED P and CHED PP.

During all these stages, the designated ASA clerk ensures that the control and inspection formalities are carried out under the appropriate conditions and as smoothly as possible.

At the end of the inspection, in the event of a favorable control, ASA also ensures the passage to the Customs Office to notify the passage T1, ATA Carnet, or any other customs documents.
The expertise of our teams of clerks is therefore inseparable on our 2 dedicated sites, which are the Port of Calais and the Channel Tunnel. ASA therefore has access and assistance for Eurotunnel's SIVEP (Coquelles) and relies on the sister company BIMS in Boulogne-sur-Mer (fish / fisheries).

Sanitary taxes are also paid on behalf of the principal when necessary and requested by our Principal.

The Clerks team is made up of Mrs. Doriane Deguines – Veterinary and Health Formalities Assistance Manager, Mrs. Sandrine Avrons – Health Expert, Mrs. Peggy Chambas – Tunnel Clerk Manager and Mrs. Violette Campart – Deputy Port Manager. The team leaders are: Messrs. Valentin Leleu, Antoine Deux, Simon Gosselin and Martin Wasselin. Mr. Tim Amarab, Mrs. Maeva Dauchel, Mrs. Julie Duvivier, Mr. Adam Fedaoui, Mrs. Sandy Pecriaux and finally Mr. Alexandre Sarot – Clerk.

The ordering of clerk services takes place primarily on the N.ASA platform. All the steps are thus accessible to you.

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