For more than 20 years, ASA has worked with many loyal customers such as ASN (Alcatel Submarines Network) or CVH (Carrières de la Vallée Heureuse).This loyalty testifies to the trust placed in both the consignment service and the customs service.


At the heart of maritime transport on the coast for several generations, ASA is a key player and perpetuates its know-how through its new Brexit-related activities.


The Associated Shipping Agencies group offers a wide range of services related to road and maritime transport. Assistance with veterinary and health formalities is provided 24/7 at the Port of Calais sites and at the Tunnel. We also provide a 7/7 customs / transit service at the Calais Truck Stop car park.


Providing quality services is our commitment and offers a complete service to our customers. The group trains experts in several fields and thus provides flawless mastery at all levels.


Thanks to our working hours, we do everything we can to meet your expectations and meet your needs 7 days a week. Customer service being at the heart of our concerns, our 30 employees are at your service to answer you effectively.


Our teams of experts ensure that legal and standard requirements are respected at all times. The transport environment as well as its auxiliary activities require a remarkable rigor that we strive to guarantee since the birth of the group.

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