Our references and qualifications

Our entire expertise

Ils nous ont fait confiance :

ASN, LDA (Louis Dreyfus Armateurs), RCCL (Medov), P&O, CVH, Groupe CB, Tereos, etc


Qualifications and certifications

Quality policy is at the heart of our activity, and as such, ASA obtained ISO 9001 Certification: 2015. The processes, managerial involvement through regular management reviews, and the monitoring of KPIs enable compliance with our commitments.

OEA Full: OEA - Full certification guarantees that security and customs compliance dimensions are integrated into ASA's operational processes.

Where to find and contact us?

A team of professionals present on the Côte d'Opale coast is at your disposal at the Port of Calais (O3 car park), at the Tunnel as well as at the Calais Truck Stop car park.