The Customs service of our company is at the heart of our activity. It makes it possible to make declarations for the Consignment service, and progresses in close collaboration with the Clerk service as well as the Customs Formalities service.

Customs Declarations & Assistance with Customs Formalities:

Since the implementation of Brexit, we have been performing the role of RDE in the “Calais TruckStop” car park in the Transmarck zone in Marck-en-Calaisis.

During the completion of their customs documents, truck drivers benefit from a rest area with many amenities such as: wifi access, toilets, catering and security.
Our team of declarants is made up of 6 customs declarants who ensure speed and responsiveness that allows you to optimize your transport as well as possible. We know that your time is precious during your visit, which is why we do everything we can to meet your needs.

We are registered and licensed as an RDE. On the basis of mandates entrusted to it, our customs declarants carry out customs formalities (customs declaration) on behalf of and in the name of the principals (exporter, importer, freight forwarder). ASA is able to carry out the export, import and transit formalities for many goods, live animals, food products, vehicles, equipment, materials...Each type of goods requires a diligent procedure since each product has a different customs nomenclature which requires a great mastery, the same for the tariff classification and the regulations in force.

The drafting of a customs declaration brings together a lot of information contained in the transport documents. Customers (ordering parties, exporters, importers) then submit all the necessary documents (commercial invoice, packing list, etc.) to justify the origin, calculate transport costs, EORI references. They are then carried out on the AKANEA system certified by the Customs Authorities.

ASA perfectly masters the operation of the SI Brexit System which allows the management of formalities by the authorities (smart border flyer).

We also have an on-call system to respond to all your requests outside our opening hours. You will find in this service, Mr. Gino Tomassi – Customs and Transit Manager, Mr. Camille Hibon - Customs Compliance and Formalities Manager, Mr. Guillaume Vetu, Mrs. Carla Culié, Mrs. Emma Legrix, Mr. Jacques Longueval, Mr. Remy Vanhelleputte, Mrs. Noémie Gillet - Declarants and Customs Declaring Assistants.

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