Customs has always been an integral part of ASA's maritime activities. The fiscal and transit dimensions were then a natural progression.

The choice of Brexit by the British people was immediately seen as an opportunity to redevelop the activities of Customs Broker, now RDE (Registered Customs Representative). A training program has been defined and a strategy planned around two axes :

  • Customs & transit formalities and declarations department
  • Pole clerk / assistance with health and veterinary formalities and inspections

Customs & transit formalities and declarations:

ASA is registered and approved as RDE. On the basis of mandates entrusted to it, our customs declarants carry out customs formalities (customs declaration) on behalf and on behalf of the principals (exporter, importer, forwarder) ASA is able to carry out export formalities, import and transit.

To do this, customers (principals, exporters, importers) provide all the necessary elements (commercial invoice, packing list, elements to justify the origin, calculate transport costs, EORI references, etc.)

ASA perfectly masters the functioning of the SI Brexit System which allows the authorities to manage formalities (smart border flyer)

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