Customs Transit

Customs Transit - CTS

What is Customs Transit?

Customs transit between England and France is a procedure that allows the passage of goods across the customs borders between these two countries without the goods being subject to import or export customs formalities.

Since Brexit, transport operators must complete transit declarations for the movement of their goods and submit them to the competent customs authorities.


What documents are used in a customs transit procedure?

For this type of procedure, the documents used are Transit Documents. These include T1 and T2. These are customs documents used in the international transit of goods between two countries.

T1 is a Community Transit Document (CTD) used for the transit of goods between European Union (EU) member states or between EU member states and certain third countries. T1 is used to transport goods under customs control, i.e., goods that are not yet cleared and are in transit through one or more countries.

T2, on the other hand, is an External Transit Document (ETD) used for the transit of goods between third countries and EU member states. T2 is used to transport goods that are under customs control in the originating third country and must be transported to an EU country without undergoing customs formalities.


Where can you find us?

Our Transit team is located at the Calais TruckStop parking lot, near the port of Calais, with almost direct access to the A16 highway.

We also provide these services at the Moocoo parking lot in Dunkirk, Port Ouest, in front of SIVEP.

We understand that your time is valuable, so we have made sure to adapt our working hours to meet your needs. Responsiveness is therefore a key value within our company.

The ASA transit team, consisting of 7 agents, is available from Monday to Friday from 6am to 10pm, as well as on Saturdays and Sundays from 8:30am to 5pm for the Calais TruckStop team.

Our Dunkirk assistance is available from Monday to Friday from 9am to 6pm.

However, we remain available during the rest of the time on a 24/7 standby basis.


Our Transit Agents are here for you!

From the Calais Truckstop parking lot, ASA organizes various customs services. We are also the TransitNet agent (SGS) on the Transmanche coast. This service allows the establishment and clearance of T1 and T2 documents from all approved locations in the EU as well as from the UK. Any transport professional with a TSN (TransitNet) account can benefit from this service.

Our teams also work with many other freight forwarders, including Bolloré, Fracht, etc., to meet a wide range of demands.

This service is particularly suitable for covering Landbridge operations (suspension between the Republic of Ireland and the EU). Our teams operate every day and are ideally located in the heart of the PL - entry & exit gates parking lot.

Customs transit allows the movement of goods under suspension of duties and taxes. It enables the deferral of payment of duties and taxes and customs formalities in terms of time and space.

There are several types of transit, including T1 for goods with non-community status and T2 for goods with community status.

To defer the payment of duties and taxes and customs formalities in terms of time and space.

The customs broker is responsible for handling all customs documents, including the T1.

A T2 is a transit document issued when goods have community status.

T2 allows for the transit of goods through a third country like England to communicate between two EU countries.

Customs and the customs broker are the actors involved in customs procedures.

A transit agent organizes the transport of goods, whether at the national or international level, in compliance with applicable regulations. The transit agent must be knowledgeable in transportation by air, sea, rail, and road.

A customs broker manages the multimodal transport chain from pickup to delivery, including customs procedures. The customs broker handles the customs formalities.

An IMA is an Import Management Account for goods originating from third countries that do not have an agreement with the EU, such as the countries of the EFTA and the UK.

Where to find and contact us?

A team of professionals present on the Côte d'Opale coast is at your disposal at the Port of Calais (O3 car park), at the Tunnel as well as at the Calais Truck Stop car park.