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As a result of the new Brexit regulations, England is no longer part of the European Union and is therefore considered a third country. This name therefore no longer authorizes the free movement of goods and must therefore be declared and monitored throughout its circulation. This monitoring is therefore ensured by a customs declaration.

Our teams of declarants can establish these declarations for you so that you are in compliance with the regulations in force.

Thanks to the new application put into service on the site, it is possible to monitor the status of the declaration in real time.

ASA is a customs broker who carries out customs formalities for its own customers, and we are also appointed by various freight forwarders to provide drivers with their customs documents.In order to facilitate exchanges and procedures, drivers must have the name of their assigned forwarders as well as any reference or name that can allow us to identify them.

Customs regulations require the presence of the goods in the customs area declared on the formalities, this presence is therefore mandatory throughout the duration of the procedure until the BAE is obtained. In the event of a non-stop, the transport company is liable to customs prosecution and refusal of our services for assistance in control.

Our opening hours allow us to welcome you 7 days a week, however our partner forwarders are not all open on weekends. The drivers can consult our teams in order to check the schedules of their forwarders, in the event of closure the drivers can decide to leave the car park and return on Monday morning by informing our teams in advance.

Closing a T2 requires proof that the goods listed on the transit document are present on the transport document.For this, we need a CMR corresponding to T2 (weight and similar quantities). If there is a discrepancy, we need the invoice for the goods as well as a valid explanation of the discrepancy in order to be able to request the clearance agreement at customs. If the documents are not compliant, additional delays may occur depending on the opening hours of the customs office, or even a refusal of the clearance.

Customs require the physical presence of the truck on the site. To ensure the presence of the truck in the event of a physical check, we keep the parking ticket in order to identify and find the driver more easily.

The car park is a private car park independent of the customs service, so it is chargeable.(See parking prices on the Calais Truckstop website).

Drivers have free access to a rest room with TV, billiards and also free access to sanitary facilities (shower, toilet, etc.)

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Justified Returns Regime
The justified returns regime allows the re-import of goods after final export while being exempt from customs duties and import VAT.
Two types of situations can be encountered. The first is an export from the European Union to the United Kingdom which returns to the European Union, and the second of goods from the United Kingdom which are exported to the European Union and which must return to the United Kingdom.
⚠ The return regime is not a customs status! ⚠
1. EU – UK – EU

  • How it works ?
  • Merchandise subject to this type of regime must be returned as is within 3 years of final export.
    The re-importer, i.e. the initial exporter, must justify the reason for the return and provide the prior definitive export declaration as well as the invoice. In addition, on the new declaration several elements must appear. It is therefore necessary to fill in box 37 with the regime 61 10, which refers to the re-importation after a definitive export, then the mention F01 and the CANA 1026, and in box 31 with the reason for return as well as the reference of the export declaration. initial.
    If a credit note takes place, the re-import declaration must be provided to the tax services in support of the VAT / CA3 declaration in order to cancel the exempt VAT on export, which corresponds to box 7B of the CA3 named “ regularization”.
  • Is the return scheme still granted?
  • The customs service may refuse this procedure if it does not have the means to ensure that the necessary conditions are met.
    The serial number / reference of the goods must be present on the goods as well as on the transport documents. The returned product must also be in the same condition, that is to say in the same conditions as when exported. The cash values of the declarations must be identical (definitive export and re-import) and the mention “Exit” must appear on the definitive export declaration in order to comply with the regulations in force.
  • What if the re-importer is not the same as the original exporter?
  • When the re-importer is different from the initial exporter, he is exempt from customs duties. However, there is a denial of exemption regarding VAT.
    The re-importer must justify this situation by providing proof of the initial export from the EU.
    The documents requested may be invoices, transport documents, re-import documents...
    The import customs can ask the customs of the initial country of export for an information bulletin in order to have more details on the goods, the causes etc…
  • What roles do packaging play in the reshipment of goods?
  • In order to return the goods correctly, the packaging must be declared separately from the goods.
    During the Temporary Admission & the Returns Regime in a simplified form, it will be necessary to mention it on the SAD or the verbal declaration in appendix 71/01.
    The marking must be indelible and irremovable from the packaging with a referent contact established in or outside the EU.
    The packaging must not be missing, damaged or destroyed, otherwise the goods will be refused under the returns system.
    2. UK – EU – UK
    The return system in the United Kingdom is quite similar to the system of the European Union, we will speak of Returned Goods Relief.
    Indeed, tariff preferences are only granted to products originating in the partner country. There can therefore be no preference to itself.
    This diet will only be implemented if the manipulation is worth it.
    Despite the arrival of Brexit in January 2021, it is possible to proceed with the return procedure on goods delivered before 31/12/2020. Having no declarations at this time, several proofs must be provided attesting to his departure from the territory etc... It is therefore necessary to provide proof of main transport (CMR, LTA, Bill of Lading...) with the registration of the specific dates.

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