Update of Regulation 2020/2235 regarding CECs and the private certificate for composite products.

Regulation 2022/2504 amends Regulation 2020/2235 by updating the EHCs for chapters 30 (FISH/MOL-CAP), 31 (MOL-HC), and 46 (HRP). The private attestation (PA) for compound products is also revised, introducing the possibility of refrigerating the product to preserve its organoleptic qualities.

The new private attestation model simplifies the process by adding explanations and notes to facilitate the provision of information by operators in the import sector. Products such as gelatin, collagen, and certain highly refined products can be imported without presenting a residue surveillance plan, but their registration on the lists provided for in Articles 18, 19 or 22 of Regulation 2021/405 remains mandatory.

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