Delta customs services’ maintenance, what to expect this August 8, 2023?

END OF MAINTENANCE - 08/08/2033 AT 14:30
DTI / DTI+ / EDI modes available

Delta Customs suspended ?

On August 8, 2023, the customs system Delta that covers Delta T, ICS-Delta P, Delta G, Delta X Import and Export, Delta H7 and ECS will be suspended from 9am to 5pm.

This IT maintenance operation will not allow to create declarations, nor to approve advance ones during the entire maintenance period so as not to clog the system.

It is strongly advised not to use the systems on this date to avoid any problems of long waiting times and congestion of Delta systems.

How to proceed if the declaration cannot be postponed? 

If the declaration must absolutely be made within this time limit, it is advised to use the emergency procedure, for which the details are reminded in “the only services’ weather” (only in French) météo des services en ligne

This “weather service" must be checked regularly during the day, to know the progress of the maintenance.

For any question about this, contact us ! 

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