The two major markets that make up the maritime offer are tramping (supply on demand) and that of the regular line. Tramping makes it possible to respond to all types of requests and therefore to offer a variety of large loads.

Certain materials such as cereals, minerals or oil primarily use the on-demand maritime transport offer. During this transport, the shipper comes into contact with a broker who is looking for the most suitable vessel. The shipper favors chartering for questions of time and cost, this makes it possible to overcome the frequencies of regular lines as well as the constraints linked to the 'sharing' of the ship by a multitude of shippers, as well as the numerous stopovers planned.

Maritime chartering is therefore an integral part of ASA's history. For more than 20 years, we have been present in the ports of the Transmanche Coast as a shipping agent. Thanks to our maritime heritage and our experience, we are able to honor all your requests. We know that each ship has its own requirements and requests, which is why we offer you tailored services. From a general point of view, we meet the human, food and travel needs of crew members, as well as the loading and unloading needs of the ship. Tramping is in maritime language, a ship that is not assigned to a regular line, so it sails according to its charters. ASA organizes and charters maritime capacities or vessels according to your needs.

Our company relies on its long experience and its networks to offer the best price/commitment/deadline solutions. ASA collaborates with a network of maritime brokers and masters the establishment of Charter Parties.

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