The transport of large quantities of goods has always been carried out by sea. It is also favored over long distances for economic consequences.

Maritime transport experienced its boom at the end of the Second World War and strongly influenced International Trade. In particular, this has made it possible to create a global interconnected network.

In our case, ASA receives ships from major world ports such as Curaçao in the Netherlands, Nouadhibou in Mauritania, Las Palmas in Spain, Victoria in Canada or Whitstable in the United Kingdom and then leaves for Rye in the United Kingdom but also in Koping, Sweden. This highlights the global network in which we operate within our company. It is therefore for many years that we have maintained close relations with experts in the transport chain, with whom we share the same values.

Our strategic presence at the gates of Great Britain as well as our partnerships allow us a strategic presence on the northern coast.

We are proud to collaborate regularly with the family groups Dekeirel-Lemaire (Dunkirk and Boulogne-sur-Mer) and SOGENA (Atlantic coast and Channel). This makes it possible, with confidence, to offer solutions on all the Atlantic and North Sea coasts.

This transport solution is known to be the most used means of transporting raw materials, such as wheat, sugar etc...

To date, 80% of the volume of international trade corresponds to maritime transport and therefore places us at the heart of a constantly evolving activity.

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