ASA was originally a shipping consignment agency which was created about twenty years ago. It then evolved to become an essential maritime agency on the cross-Channel coast sector.

The activity of the consignment service is manifested by the organization of stopovers, all requests from ships in the port including port maneuvers as well as all requests for assistance related to the needs of ship captains. Faced daily with maritime and port hazards, our team has great availability regarding schedules since an on-call line guarantees an immediate response for all your needs.

The history of ASA is therefore characterized by maritime activity. We have an extensive network of professionals with whom we have worked for many years. This network is an asset since we share the same corporate values that create our strength.
The maritime activity of the cross-Channel coast regularly allows us to manage cable ships, bulk carriers, supply barges as well as ocean liners. We are used to maritime transport of aggregates and other quarry recovery products, but also submarine cables and sugar. In addition, we also work with cruise ships regarding the organization of stopovers as well as humanitarian needs.

The needs of ships are varied. Indeed, each boat has different requirements that we strive to satisfy as best we can. We also have a storage place for receiving packages for ships as well as a bonded area for bonded packages to be stored until boarding.

Thanks to our Via Calais group, we exercise a complementary transport and logistics chain that perfectly meets the needs of loading/unloading, transport and ship assistance.
As a cross-Channel border coast, Calais represents a major gateway to England and other major ports. Maritime traffic is therefore a major activity on the Calais. For illustration, our maritime company was present in the assistance of a hundred ships in 2021.

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