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Whether you import or export goods outside EU you have to go through clearance formalities. Given their complexity, you would rather use a specialist for this task. Asa links offers you its expertise in the matter.

Why do you have to clear customs?

Since Antiquity the states have always wanted to control goods entering or leaving their territory. The stakes are financial, of course, but not only: it is important that sensitive goods do not go out and that products entering it have no potential to harm.Throughout the European Economic Community – to which is added Turkey, exchange formalities have been abolished since 1968. Regarding the exchanges with the countries outside the European Union, it is still mandatory to clear the goods, in order to be in compliance with the law and not risk the cancellation of the sale or confiscation of the goods.Customs clearance being a complex operation, it led to the creation of the customs broker function, as ASA Links has been doing for more than a century. (...)Read more

The constraints of customs clearance

Customs duties are established according to a number of criteria, related to tariff classification, origin of the goods and customs value.

Tariff classification

All goods belong to a tariff classification, which is to be mentioned in addition to the trade name. It is highly important to state the right code to the product, to avoid customs disputes. Not easy when you have to choose between 15,000 items!

Origin of the goods

You have to determine whether your goods are of preferential or non-preferential origin. As a matter of fact, there are other agreements outside the EU ones. Many of these international agreements generate new parameters affecting the amount of customs duties. These include free trade agreements (FTAs) and economic partnerships (EPAs).

Custom value

It is determined using one of the calculation methods defined in the Articles 70 to 74 of the EU Customs Code. The value, calculated on the amount paid or to be paid for the goods, may be reduced or increased, taking into account the assumption of some of the expenses.

Compliance checks

Further to the tax aspect, customs clearance also deals with the declaration of goods subject to quarantine, sanitary or plant health controls, as well as other restrictions. For all these reasons, it is highly recommended to entrust the clearance of your goods to a professional like ASA Links who will be able to provide accurate information to the specific documents for each operation.

What will be the consequences of Brexit on customs clearance?

If the agreement established on 13th November, 2018 is enforced, the United Kingdom will be considered as a state member, for all that relates to the exchange of goods, and there will be no change. On the other hand, in case of a Hard Brexit, customs barriers will be reintroduced. We can fear that customs clearance operations will considerably delay border crossings, reduce transactions efficiency and cause damaging supply disruption. It is therefore primordial to entrust your customs clearance operation to a qualified and responsive company, like ASA Links, who is equipped with all the necessary tools to ensure quick and efficient customs clearance.

ASA Links, professionals at your service

Present in about ten ports in France, including Calais and Boulogne-sur-Mer, which should be the most impacted by a Hard Brexit, ASA Links is the customs clerk you need to speed up procedures and offer a professional quality service. We are:

  • Hegistered on the customs application NCTS (New Computerized Transit System), still with the objective of ensuring the fluidity of your export or import exchanges. We issue travel documents that release the goods more quickly.
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